Learning Hebrew
with our online educational games

Why Hebrew

The La-am website was created by a team living in Israel.

The learning games of the La-am website teach Hebrew reading and writing since these are two of the subjects learnt in first grade in Israel.
However, one can learn far more Hebrew from the La-am website, because Hebrew is also used for math and for "everyday life" too. Therefore, while playing on the Hebrew site, both at the math and the other learning games, you will be learning lots of Hebrew!

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How to learn

The La-am site was created for pre-readers; therefore one should be able to navigate the site without the need to read Hebrew. Just click on the different icons and play.

At first, you'll explore the games, but after a while, you'll begin to recognize the icon that represents each game, and you will be on your way.

We designed the learning games intentionally that there is no wrong way to play, so when you reach a new game, explore it. Try to push the buttons, see what happens, listen to the Hebrew, have fun and learn.

We believe all subjects are related, so there is no division between the Hebrew games and the math games. Try all of the games and see what you like.

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Learning to read Hebrew

Every Hebrew letter and vowel has its own sound. Learning these combinations will help you read Hebrew words. At the La-am website we have a game which helps: you create a Hebrew word, and then hear it. The word may not always have meaning, so just play and learn.

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Learning to write Hebrew

Once you know the shape of the Hebrew letters, you can start to write. But to make writing easier, you should learn the best way to draw each letter. We have thus created the games "the pencil" for Hebrew capital letters and "write in the sand" for Hebrew script letters.

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How to start

Remember, our learning games have no wrong way to play, so try: press the icon and the buttons, see what happens, hear the Hebrew, have fun and learn!

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