We love your site. I don't know a lot of Hebrew but could still navigate, and the greatest thing is my 10 year old daughter who doesn't want to learn Hebrew, did not want to leave the site.
I am working on reading with her and she had a great time.
And having an Israeli accent is great for the kids learning.
The wood family

Hi there
Today I saw your website for the first time, and got the feeling that the games were made to teach the kids and not to earn money.
Then I read this site started from games Amir made for his own son.
I just wanted to say that it is noticeable.
Keep on!!

I am a mother of a 6 years old kid, who is about to start the first grade.
I am very pleased with your site.
It is a great site, and no doubt I will recommend it.
I'm sure it will give a lot to our children.
Thanks a lot.

My 5 year old daughter played today at your site.
Thanks to "The Pencil" game, she even started writing letters.
Thanks for this great site !