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About La-am website - educational children games

Welcome to the La-am website (Self Learning using Computer).

Nowadays, knowledge is the best asset we can give our children.

The La-am website will help provide this asset.

At the website you can find educational games for children. These games encourage self learning in math, Hebrew and more, while encouraging the self confidence of the learning child.

Since the learning at La-am website is taking place through games, the child enjoys while learning, and thus learns better.

Currently, our educational games teach the basics, i.e. Hebrew and math for preschool and first grade.

You certainly may use the La-am website while in preschool and during your first grade preparations.

At the La-am website we have children's educational games for self learning without the possibility of failure, while encouraging the natural curiosity and encouraging a successful experience. Due to this, using the La-am website while getting ready for the first grade will not hinder your child's self confidence development but rather encourage it.


One can also use the La-am website in order to learn Hebrew, no matter if in preschool, 1st grade or much older.

Just read Learn Hebrew with La-am online learning games to understand how simple it is.


We are aware of the problem that parents have with the lack of exams and grades, because there is no immediate feedback on the child's progress.

Please remember that in the beginning, when the child is starting to learn new things, s/he'll possibly fail exams. So testing at that point could hinder self-confidence building, and cause more damage than good.

Moreover, research shows that learning without the fear of making mistakes improves the quality of learning.

You are invited to learn more about our method on the page learning without exams


As you've probably noticed, there are no advertisements at our website. It's not a coincidence. We believe children are not supposed to be influenced by advertisements, not while learning and not while playing. Therefore there will be no advertisements in the La-am website.


We believe that too much stimuli distract from focusing on the learned subject. Therefore the educational games at the La-am website have as few distractions as possible.

Because La-am is a website, i.e. its educational games are online, it enables Distance Learning in an online e-learning environment. You may read more about the advantages of Distance Learning in an online e-learning environment.

You are also welcome to read more about us on the About Us page.

In order to help your child access the La-am website independently, we have created Our Self-Surf script. The script creates a link to the La-am website both on the desktop and in the quick launch bar.

All you have to do is press the link and choose where to save the required files (their size is 23KB).

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Site structure

The La-am website is user friendly both for parents and children (preschool and older), for those who can read and those who cannot.

You get to the educational games by icons, so even a kid who cannot read can play and learn from all of our games.

For the parents we have created the Settings Page , which sets parameters for the games and helps adjust the level of our educational games toward your child.

We recommend using that page.


Also, if you like to read about the game before playing, you can use the pages:

math games - gives details on every math educational game we have.

Hebrew games - gives details on every Hebrew educational game.

These pages also link to the games directly.

The site's map will show you the rest of our website.


You can use the side menu in order to read more about our website and its unique learning method.


We would be happy to get feedback of any kind. Please use the contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you (both parents and children)!

You can read some of our prior feedback at Recommendations.

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You are invited to learn more about the La-am site by using the links on the side menu.

Have fun learning!

The La-am team.